A cop has pulled over a black man antagonizing him and treating him like a criminal. He makes him take his hands out his pockets and tells him to put his hands on the car. The car is too hot to put his hand on it. (VICTIM) tries to explain the temp of the car, but officer doesn't listen and tries to rough him up instead.


The two get into a scuffle and the officer then tries to taze him. (VICTIM) snatches it off and takes off running back to his dirt bike or motorcycle. A chase ensues and now the officer is trying to hit him off the bike. The officer catches up to him. The scene goes black and gun shots can be heard ensuing that he was killed.

News reporter stating another black man was killed today by the hand of an officer. Officers reported having searched him and finding drugs and a gun on him which ensued the chase and killing. Cut to his family watching the tv, crying, wondering if the news if true and wanting justice. Everyone in the room is overcome with emotion.

TALI waves at him smiling. 

(ARTIST) and gang are now planning out how to rob the officer of the stolen drugs AND money. Gang can be seen enjoying last smoke before they go to war.

The victim's brother (ARTIST) is immediately upset and leaves the room. (ARTIST) knows the history of this corrupt cop and wants justice served. (ARTIST) then gathers all the weapons in the house with the help of some family. They are seen packing weapons into sports duffle bag and getting ready for attack.

Officer is at home enjoying a glass of alcohol and winding down for the night. (ARTIST) and gang ambush the home and bust in house through the front and back door trapping officer. They then tie the officer and pistol whip him, demanding that he tell them where the drugs and money are. The officer scared for his life tells them exactly what they want.

The officer has signaled to them that its stashed at the bottom of his closet. The gang checks out the bottom of the bathroom sink to find a brow box. In the box is drugs, money AND a usb drive labeled with a date. 

The gang starts to take the contents of the box out in front of officer antagonizing him. When (ARTIST) pulls out the usb drive the officer goes silent. (ARTIST) questions the importance of the drive and decides to pop it into the officer's computer and is shocked at what he sees.

TALI comes out with a round house kick to the face of the masked man. They both team up and beat him.

TALI comes out with a round house kick to the face of the masked man. They both team up and beat him.

The officer is now being taken into custody with some of the stolen drugs. News outlets can be overheard in narration discussing the firing of the officer, and the leaked viral clip of the body cam footage showing the officer killing (ARTIST) brother in cold blood. In the final moments of the victims life he is seen with his hands up pantomiming to not shoot.

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