Pastor E. Dewey Smith "Christmas: The Matrix Version"

Pastor Dewey is a great pastor whom I respect and consider a highlight on my journey of growth. He doesn't know me but I attended Greater Travelers Rest for 5 years starting at their location behind South Dekalb Mall and on to the cathedral they purchased to expand their outreach and sharing of God's message.

Life moved me into other churches after those 5 years but December 1st2019 I decided to revisit my old church with my wife. I knew my outlook would be different after what I know now but I always considered Paster Smith as a smart man who was a great leader that I could resonate with in message.

I came back to the church because I missed the people and I had gone to way too many contemporary churches that I wanted to take a step back and reminisce on my childhood being in a baptist church.

The message this day was fun as always. I like how he connected Bible scripture with the movie The Matrix. He made it fit his message and it worked for the most part.

I'm not here to criticize his terminology and use of word when he preaches but I do want to cover some nuances in what he says that guides his belief system.

My responses to the things he said isn't to undermine his message but to bring clarity to some of the subtle beliefs in Christianity that direct our thinking to falsehood. This is no fault of Pastor Smith for he is also a product of his environment. He just choose to stay within that environment and don't know much that exist outside of that.


“Before He Pressed the play button on creation”

Why did he use the phrase, “press the play button?” What does that mean? Why did God create or press the create button? He didn't need creation so there is no reason to create other than to enjoy creating. God creates to experience itself as all things that are created. Its like God creates for the fun of it. So if you play along with this logic here we can agree that God didn't go into this with lack of anything so there's nothing to lose by creating.


When they get created, “They're going to be simple, full of iniquity, and I cant create nothing thats gone be jacked up”

What makes us jacked up isn't our simplicity or even what we judge as immoral or wicked. Pastor said it himself that the knowledge of good and evil is what the problem is so lets stick to the facts for the sake of argument.

- We become jacked up when we start to see things and judge them as good or bad. Only through this can we even perceive that something is wrong or right.

So this means when we're trying to seek the truth we shouldn't be focused on individual things and deciding whether its good or evil because thats someone who has the knowledge of good and evil.

We want to be people who doesn't have the knowledge of good and evil. This means when we experience a great loss, whether its a family member or, relatively speaking, dropping your last chicken wing or a bill you can't afford to pay, we won't respond as if it was a bad thing that happened but as just a thing that happened.

There's a big and essential difference between how you see things because depending on how you perceive it it will direct your thinking. And the more you think in those patterns it becomes second nature. And what is second nature? It's a formed habit.

And after all, what we do defines us. But to keep it simple, God doesn't create anything that's jacked up. Its us, because we use our knowledge of good and evil, who believe we're jacked up. So people like Jesus come along and have to remind us and free our tainted minds of thinking we're jacked up. Once your awareness gets to a level where you are aware of this truth you will be truly free and not moved by anything thing that could happen.


"2020 is already blessed."

I use to understand this totally different than I do now.

The old me, “God got my back for 2020 and I am highly favored. No matter what I go through He will protect me and keep me from hurt harm or danger.” This belief was rooted in fear of getting hurt from the loss of something; or worse, fear of losing my life. So I jumped past the idea of hoping God would keep me happy in the new year to having faith that God will provide me everything I need to get me through this wretched world.

The new me, “2020 is already blessed because no matter what happens I'm not going to decide whether anything that happens is good or evil.” When I go about my day without judging each moment as good or evil my mind gets the opportunity to rest and not think. And over time I've gotten so use to being in this state of mind that as things continue to happen I become mentally stronger and stronger to the point where not much can take control of my thinking anymore. This leaves me in peace. And when the body doesn't have to secrete certain hormones and be locked in a fight or flight mode it becomes more aware of existence. You become aware that every moment is already blessed.

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