A Day In The Life Of A Serial Killer Trailer


Hey guys and gals! I present to you the teaser trailer for my latest short film entitled "A Day in the Life of a Serial Killer". Let me know what you think in the comments! Make sure to like and subscribe! I would love it if you shared this in your Facebook groups, church groups, nostalgic groups, cult groups, or any other group you are a part of. My goal is to get offered work as a director for major and indie studios across the world. I have dreams of making setlife my playground and big budgets so we can afford more than cheese and bread (pizza). Enjoy!


Ria Ridley Richard McAllister Deborah Childs Netalia Gutierrez Rafael Gutierrez Luke Palmer Baroque Bochenek


Producer-Editor Rafael Gutierrez Co-Producer Baroque Bochenek

Teaser Music by

Raphaël Raphquiat - "Working For The Devil"

Music By

Simon Mathewson Phillip Gayle Blue Dot Sessions

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