2 Foundational Qualities Every Video Has

I've been making video content since I was 13 when my dad bought me the RCA CC6374 VHS-C camcorder. I've been in love with filmmaking ever since.

I signed up for the video production elective class my high school offered. I learned so much about making video content. It opened my mind to a new way of imagination and allowed me a skillset that equipped me for a variety of things I had to dig deeper into while at film school. I always wanted to have something special to offer the world as a videographer and filmmaker. I would notice other people's video work and couldn't quite understand the story. I quickly became aware that most of them didn't have a story. I needed reasons for why things happened in my video and this preference created a story every time.

That was a quick spill of my experience up to college. The reason I wanted to share that is to create credibility and comfortability for you to be open to the suggestions of this blog.

1. "Its Boring!" - You want to make sure the video has either some cool story, cool shots, cool imagery/subjects, cool edits, cool color-grading, cool SOMETHING!

If there is nothing cool about the video then its boring. Just because your video is meant to inform (such as corporate and news media, public service, non-profit etc.) doesn't mean it has to be boring. Think about what interests you. Outgoing people are typically not boring so make your video come off as an "outgoing person". Or slap an outgoing person in front of your video. No one would ever call your video boring again.

2. "I Don't Understand!" - Make sure you don't focus on the gimmick so much that you overlook the fact that your video doesn't make sense. If you're selling something in the video make sure to have a call to action. After they watch your video they need to be making their purchase and the video should guide them to that. It also helps to have a clear purpose for the video before making it. What platforms will you display your video? Who is the demographic that will watch your video? All these things and more will keep our audience from guessing; or worse, overlook or forget your video as soon as its over. Telling a story within the video also helps the viewer to understand it better. Creating a timeline or, simply, a beginning, middle, and end will help your odds of communicating your video purpose.

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