CHIEF wakes up tired but ready to tackle the day. The time on his phone alarm reads 3AM. It takes him a second but he gets up.

We will do a version where he is lip syncing and one without.


CHIEF walks into the bathroom. Single shot with jump cuts. He brush his teeth. Wash his face. Change his baby's diaper or feed the baby. Get's dressed into something clean and flashy. He then kisses his baby and walks into another room. 



CHIEF walks in to where two girls are dressed in aprons and masks packaging the 3AM merch. A sequence of shots of the girls going through the motions with preparing the product for distribution.

CHIEF makes his way to the foyer near the front door where two girls with custom 3AM gear are getting a box of 3AM merch and takes it outside.

Outside in the driveway is where cars are lined up to purchase the merch like a drive thru at chick-fil-a

CHIEF greets everyone and responds to them like a manager would. Offering wine. 

CHIEF walks back into the house  and the engineer greets him at the door of the studio with a blunt. They go in and start cooking up some dope music. Shots of engineer and shots of CHIEF recording and counting dividends.

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