In the club there are strippers and there are customers. Everyone is having a good time. A couple friends are throwing money. A girl and her gay friend is interacting with the strippers. Setting the tone for whats about to go down.


Chainz has been in the club the whole time. He's staring at a stripper. He's in love with a stripper. His shots are the only one in slow motion. He's not throwing money. He's plotting. The stripper looks at his sexily and continues to dance. She throws that thang back into a guy's face. 

This guy is a wealthy guy who is acting like he owns the place. He grabs the strippers ankle. She kindly takes his hand off her ankle and moves her finger back and forth "no no no". The rich guy throws more money down at her respectfully but condescending to see what she's going to do. She smiles and grabs his hand and put it on her butt. Now its a party!

TALI waves at him smiling. 

There's surveillance footage giving reference to where everyone is in the club. Highlighting the white guy and Chainz.

Chainz perform the song. Stylized lighting. Plays throughout the video. 

Chainz pulls out a gun and slide it across the stage. The stripper that was dancing with the rich guy grabs it and turns it on the rich guy. Two of the rich guy's goons stand up and about to pull out their weapons but two other strippers pull a gun on them and take their weapons. 

The main stripper orders them to give all their money. They even brought out a square cash card reader for the phone. On the phone they're making him wire $500k to an off shore account. Then they hit him in the head with the gun and the two henchmen are pushed out with their hands up. Chainz stand up and walk over. He put his arm around the stripper and they walk out. 

There's a shot of Chains and the girls counting money. 

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